Kinland is a social infrastructure company focusing on providing high-quality properties for government-backed care services.

The company’s current portfolio consists of more than 230 preschools and 20 care homes across Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Poland. Kinland is a pure asset owner, with long-term, inflation-linked, triple-net leases with leading preschool and care operators. Contractual terms are typically for 15 to 25 years and often include additional 15-year extension options.

Preschool properties
The preschool properties house more than 21,000 children. The properties are leased out on long-term triple-net contracts to large operators, including Norlandia, Gnist, Care Group, Espira, Touhula and Pilke.

The company’s property portfolio is a result of the acquisition from several independent preschool operators, driven by the operators’ wish to free up resources and capital to be able to provide the highest quality possible in their primary focus area – preschool operations. Kinland’s preschools have during the later years played an important role in the improvement of the Nordic and other European preschool markets, through improved capacity, quality and cost-efficiency.

Going forward, the company’s strategy is to expand its preschool portfolio and reach into care services properties with similar characteristics as the Nordic preschool market – i.e. long-term contracts with solid operators, again backed by government financing.

«We are committed to growing Kinland and furthering the important societal role that we play as the provider of preschool infrastructure across the Nordics and selected European markets.»

Our portfolio consists of over 250 properties

The company’s current portfolio consists of over 250 properties centrally located in the Nordic cities, including Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki and in Poland and the Netherlands. The kindergarten properties house more than 21,000 children.

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