Kinland is committed to integrate ESG throughout our investment and ownership activities and work closely with our stakeholders to further our sustainability beliefs

  • Biodiversity and habitat

    Kinland’s aim is for our properties to have minimal impact on the surrounding biodiversity.

    Where possible, er will look to improve biodiversity and where possible will monitor impacts, whether positive or negative.

  • Climate change adaptation

    Kinland’s aim is to understand the future risk and opportunities of climate change on the individual properties in our portfolio.

    Kinland will conduct and integrate climate risk studies in our investment decisions.

    Where necessary and possible, Kinland will investigate and complete adaptation and mitigation measures for climate change.

    Where necessary, Kinland will support operators and has considered the resilience of our portfolio to catastrophe or natural disasters.

  • Energy Consumption

    Kinland will support operators to procure only renewable energy and to increase energy efficiency of our buildings.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Kinland’s aim is to reduce GHG emissions through supporting operators to reduce energy consumption and procure renewable energy.

    Kinland has the ambition of reaching net zero carbon where possible, or to align with the targets of the jurisdictions where our properties are located.

  • Material Sourcing and Resource Efficiency

    Where possible, Kinland will look to support operators in developing a sustainable procurement or sourcing processes.

    Where relevant, Kinland itself will adopt sustainable material sourcing and promote resource efficiency.

  • Waste

    Kinland will aim to support operators in reducing waste generation and the diversion of materials to landfill.

    Where relevant, Kinland itself will reduce its waste generation and work with our landlord to improve recycling and circularity efforts.

  • Water

    Kinland aims to ensure sustainable use of water resources by our operators.

  • Community

    Through its properties, Kinland plays a key role in community development.

    Kinland’s aim is to have a positive impact in the community by providing necessary care services.

    Kinland’s aim is to support local communities through social enterprise partnering with local community groups.

    Kinland will support charities related to social care in international areas that are deprived of basic social infrastructure.

    Kinland will promote local employment opportunities.

    Health and safety of the local community and users of our properties are of key importance to Kinland. We will work with operators to ensure health and safety measures are upheld.

    Where possible, Kinland would like to understand our operators’ satisfaction levels, and will aim to engage with customer/operators on an annual basis.

  • Pollution

    Kinland intends to minimize air, light and noise pollution and where necessary and possible Kinland will engage with operators to further support this aim.

  • Employees

    Kinland aims to provide a safe and comfortable work environment, with a strong emphasis on health and safety measures, labour standards and working conditions.

    Employee engagement is of principal importance to Kinland, and we aim to undertake an annual employee satisfaction survey.

    Kinland will ensure that our inclusion and diversity aims reflect those of our shareholders and other stakeholders.

    The Kinland remuneration framework outlines the importance of the consideration of ESG risks in the advancement of Kinland. It is important to Kinland that our employees are fully aligned with our Sustainability Policy and adherence to this policy is considered in every employee’s performance assessment. Such performance assessments are linked to, and can directly impact, the remuneration of employees.

  • Supply chain and Contractors

    Kinland will strive to ensure that our supply chain and contractors abide by the minimum standards set by the jurisdictions we operate in. This includes measures to prevent child labour and other forms of forced labour or modern slavery.

    Kinland aims to ensure our contractors and supply chain abide by relevant jurisdictions’ health and safety measures.

  • Governance Processes

    Kinland’s Board of Directors has an active role in its sustainability drive and supports continuous improvement of its ESG decision making.

    Kinland adheres and subscribes to our shareholders’ responsible investment practices, including those set by Whitehelm Capital.

    Kinland believes in an open, transparent and safe working environment and recognizes and supports whistleblower protection.

    Kinland aims to delegate authority on ESG issues throughout the organisation, emphasizing the importance of the integration of issues into our business plan and strategy process.

    Shareholder rights are defined by our charter and bylaws, and Kinland ensures it abides by the standards set.

    We ensure any engagement with lobbying groups are aligned with our climate change and other sustainability commitments and align with our shareholders’ and Whitehelm Capital’s corporate commitments.

  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection & Privacy

    Kinland commits to abide by GDPR and any cybersecurity policies which currently exist is the jurisdictions we operate in.

  • Conflicts of interest

    Kinland require from all its employees that they refrain from actions or to have interests that hinder them to perform their duties objectively and effectively.

  • Bribery, Corruption and Fraud

    Kinland has implemented an extensive Code of Conduct aimed to create a sound corporate culture and to preserve our integrity by helping employees to promote standards of good business practice.

    This includes the promotion of fair dealing, honesty and integrity in every aspect in dealing with other employees, business relations and customers, the public, our business community, shareholders, suppliers, competitors and government authorities, including refraining from political contributions.